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How wonderful it was to attend and/or graduate from a
rural school and live in a smaller community!

The Owen Township schools, even though small, provided
many young adults with a great education.

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picture of Crowville School

Crowville School

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picture of George Ellis and ladies in front of old Folsomville School

George Ellis and ladies in front of old Folsomville School

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picture of Old Folsomville School that burned down in 1923.

Old Folsomville School that burned down on February 14, 1923.
This school was in session from 1916 until the
date it burned down.

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picture of Newly-Rebuilt Folsomville School

Newly-Rebuilt Folsomville School

The men in front are the volunteers who worked many hours
to have the school ready by the Fall of 1923.

Fond memories remain about the effort these men made to provide
students with a wonderful place of learning, from 1923 - 1956,
in the beloved Folsomville School

This school burned in December, 1956.

picture of eagle in flight

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Bob Ellis and David Miller

picture of quill, inkwell, and paper Contact: Bob Ellis

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